We know this is something that we say on a regular basis but it is something we are so proud of, our heritage & origin of all of our materials & products are also solely from the UK!

All our of our products are handmade within our Hertfordshire studio! We are now also proudly supported & recognised by Made In Britain, if you haven’t heard of them or don’t know much about them take a look at their website which is busting full of British products & information.



Made in Britain, bring together the British manufacturing community, united by the use of the registered collective mark to help our members sell more.

Made in Britain and Made in Northern Ireland marks are protected and can only be used under licence by our members, and within Made in Britain’s Terms & Conditions.  Made in Britain is a not-for-profit organisation that supports British manufacturers with the  licenced official marks. They work collaboratively with UK trade bodies, relevant UK government departments, and the media channels to support skilled jobs, responsible business, and sustainable growth. They work tirelessly all year round to promote British manufacturing.

For member businesses, they offer support in five key areas: sales, marketing, exports, communications and PR, and sustainability, via our Green Growth programme.


Made in Britain began as a commercial marketing campaign in 2011. This campaign was established by Stoves – a Prescot-based oven manufacturer, who launched a competition to design a logo for the newly established campaign. When the winning mark was unveiled in 2011, British businesses flocked to apply to use the logo, with over 600 companies joining the campaign. A new Made in Britain mark was commissioned, with Made in Britain officially launched as an independent, non-profit organisation in April 2013.