A Husband & Wife's Worldwide Art Project

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How It All Started:
A Husband & Wife's Worldwide Art Project!

Once upon a time, amidst the serene countryside of Berkhamsted, a shared passion for art ignited within the hearts of Charles and Sammy Elliott. Their journey began with Charles's remarkable talent for sculpting huge metal wildlife artworks. Yet, their vision extended beyond mere admiration to a desire for broader accessibility. Making Art affordable, starting a worldwide art project!

Hence, Rustic Garden Art emerged—a testament to their dedication to making art universally attainable, yet unique and also natural. They envisioned a range of sustainably made metal art pieces, from wall décor to larger garden sculptures, designed to fit any budget. With meticulous craftsmanship at the heart of their endeavor, each creation bore the imprint of their devotion to the craft.

Their workshop, nestled within the idyllic Chiltern Hills in Berkhamsted, became the birthplace of their countless masterpieces. Though challenges arose, their commitment remained unwavering. Through platforms like Etsy, their art quickly captivated a global audience through 2020, transcending geographical boundaries.

Today, Rustic Garden Art stands as a beacon of artistic excellence, having dispatched over 50,000 pieces worldwide. Each creation not only embodies their artistic prowess but also reflects their belief in the transformative power of art worldwide. For Charles and Sammy, their journey is not just about crafting art; it's about fostering dreams and spreading joy through their creations.

Utilizing eco-friendly packaging, every order
is thoughtfully packaged and dispatched across the country and the globe, marking yet another milestone in our Worldwide Art Project!

Founded by husband & wife Charels & Sammy, we are proud
to say that we are a Small family run rural business, we pride ourselves on being completely British made. Each of our signs are individually designed, carefully cut and hand finished by our team of craftsmen at
Bluebell Farm in Berkhamsted Hertfordshire. We have hundreds of designs to suit any space, one-of-a-kind gifts for any occasion.You can
buy your unique metal signs and metal art gifts for her and for him, Rustic Garden Art is your local Berkhamsted based one stop sign shop for all metal signs and wall art gifts!

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